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Real Spy Monitor is a program that will keep a record of your computer´s usage
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Real Spy Monitor is a program that will keep a record of your computer´s usage.
This program will keep track of the activities developed using your computer (sites visited, programs open, etc.), remaining unnoticed to the user. You can later see a log with all this information. This is useful when you need to know if your employees are wasting the company´s time in private activities, or you want to keep an eye on the way in which your children use your computer.

If you use Firefox to access the developer´s site, you will see a "Reported Attack Page" warning. And if you download the program, you will probably receive a warning from your antivirus program. I haven´t found something harmful in Real Spy Monitor, but I guess that as the program really "spies" what is done using the computer, some antivirus will consider it a threat. I believe that the program is safe. Proceed at your own risk.

Real Spy Monitor will keep a log about the keystrokes typed in your computer, websites visited, windows viewed, programs executed, instant messengers conversations and emails sent and received. The program can be set to take snapshots of the screen at regular intervals, and to send the activity logs by email.

You can also prevent the computer to access some websites.

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